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Overhead Garage Storage


Comparing Products -
How Our Garage Overhead Rack Solutions Are Better

There are many overhead racks garage options in the market today. Choosing one can be a daunting task. Which one should you choose? Why? What makes them better? All of these questions go through your mind when researching the products and you can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the information. We are going to explain the differences between Overhead Solution and all our competition.

First, we want our customer's to know that all our products must meet the following requirements:

    • Strength
    • Safety
    • Innovation
    • Value

The Key Differences Between Garage Logix and the Other Guys

Both offer storage solutions, but the major differences are:

Garage Logix offers products specifically for the garage, such as our overhead racks storage solutions. Our garage storage racks have been designed and tested to ensure maximum safety.

The Other Guys offer storage products for the kitchen, basement, office, attic as well as the garage; Dividing their attention into all aspects of storage solutions. They offer shelving units that can be used in all areas of the house includin the garage, making some of them multi-purpose shelves.

What Makes our Overhead Garage Storage Racks Better

Materials the product is made from. Our ceiling racks are made from industrial strength material. This type of material makes sure the racks last for years and can hold optimal weights.

Sizes they come in and weight capacity. You will find that our overhead rack garage options can hold 500 lbs, 600 lbs, 750 lbs and even up to 1000 lbs. All tested for maximum capacity. Available sizes are: 4’X4’, 4’X8’, and hold 750lbs. We also have motorized ceiling storage systems available as well.

Experience. Garage Logix has been remodeling garages in the Pacific Northwest for almost 10 years. We have seen all the ins and outs involved in installation.

dare to compare

The Other Guys offer overhead rack garage solutions, but you'll discover what they offer is not even comparable. Make sure whomever you decide to go with that you know what you are getting from them in terms of weight capacity, materials used, and testing of the product for safety.

We offer several storage solutions, not just the overhead racks garage system including heavy duty shelves and custom cabinetry.

Colors. Our overhead racks come in multiple colors for versatility. We also can powder coat any custom color you need. Have a red Ferrari and you want them to match? No problem.

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*Weight and safety tests are only for our testing purposes and customers should never exceed the weight limits we set for our products. The posted weight limits are mandatory and any over loading will void any warranty. Garage Logix does not make any claims about the construction of your home. You should check with your builder prior to installation.

"Garage Logix came on time, as promised, and did a BEAUTIFUL job. The neighbors are all expressing Garage Envy!"

Don and June, Issaquah

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