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Frequently Asked Questions


Your cabinets are completely custom, right?

Here at Garage Logix we have found that we can operate with standard sizing, to help keep the cost down in turn to the consumer. We can always make these sizes work in virtually any garage; however, if you need completely custom sizes, we are more than able to fulfill this request. If you can dream it, we can build it!

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Why are they mounted off the ground, with no legs or toe kick support?

We have many reasons for this. First and foremost, we have found it is very difficult to clean underneath a cabinet that has legs. You can’t get a push broom underneath, and it’s a great place for bugs and spiders to make home. If they were mounted on a “toe kick”, there is a chance of water damage, which would in turn weaken the base that the cabinets are relying on for support. For more specifics, see our cabinets section.

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How long does cabinet installation take?

In most cases, we can install the floor coating one day, and the cabinetry the next! Of course, depending on how complex the design is, the cabinet installation may take longer .We have the most advanced materials available to keep your down time to an extreme minimum.

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Flooring Coating

What’s the difference between your flooring and the other guys?

There are many advantages that helps us distance ourselves from our competitors. See the flooring page for a specific chart differentiating us from everyone else. The big differences are length of installation, cure time, chemical make-up, resistance, and longevity.

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What type of preparation do you do to the surface?

We bring out a shot blaster, or commercial-grade concrete grinder to adequately prepare the surface enough so our hybrid coating will penetrate into the concrete, creating the permanent bond that is needed to ensure the coating will not lift after time.

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How long will the floor last?

We have found that under normal wear and care, your new floor coating should last 10-15 years. After that time, the clear shiny topcoat will have become dulled from cars and kids. We can simply come back out and clean the surface and add a new topcoat, and it will feel like a brand new floor again!

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How long does the flooring take to install?

Our state-of-the-art hybrid polymer floor coating can be installed from start to finish in just a matter of hours. Unlike the traditional epoxy that takes days to install and then many more days to cure, we have a cutting edge product that is more abrasive, and will cut down on the length of time that you are out of the garage.

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It all sounds pretty nice! How much are we talking?

We have many different cabinet options available; from modular sizes in standard colors, to completely custom in one of our 250 colors available. Your best bet is to have one of our seasoned designers come out and help with the initial design. They will show you plenty of samples and even sit down with you and plug all of their measurements into their unique 3-D CAD program so you can actually visualize what it will look like once it is installed while they are there! One visit with Garage Logix, and you will see why we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We simply do it best!

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"Garage Logix came on time, as promised, and did a BEAUTIFUL job. The neighbors are all expressing Garage Envy!"

Don and June, Issaquah


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